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"Noot" Alford with daughter, Kathy, and lovely wife, Dora.
Noot Alford
Music Director
Sunday School Teacher
Board of Deacons
Member of Various Church Committees
On May 11, 1935, which would have been on Saturday considering the fact that there is no error here, a baby boy was born to Ellie P. Alford and Alice Hyman Alford…. Physical life continued after some months of being carried about by a loving mother….There being no way to tell, in the physical, exactly when the baby was conceived, life began there. God invited me at that stage in life to participate in his plans and purposes. Rebellion, be an ugly word in my vocabulary was down through the early years prevalent in my life. Our parents worked hard to provide the necessary things such as food, clothing, schooling, and especially seeing that the family was in church when the doors were open. That was the most important aspect of our lives, other than sitting in the corner quietly while God was passing by in a thunderstorm. Reverence for God was mandatory then and I still practice it today.
Years of schooling, Andrews High School graduate, some extra studying and training for a job of a lifetime (then I thought) with Delta Airlines which was a highlight in my life. Then after a few years, we came back to Andrews to go into business for myself. After a wedding, January 1st, 1966, I am married to a wonderful woman Dora Marshall. It was time for us to make some spiritual commitment.
Having been raised in the Free Will Baptist Church, I felt an urge to move out a little and we found ourselves in the Pentecostal Holiness Church. I could never come to grip with the fact that I was a denominationalist by no means but got very involved in the church music, teaching a Sunday School class, elected to the Board of Deacons, and started a singing group that went about singing in homecomings, revivals, and other functions. Anointed singing in church services, I believe, sets the stage for praise and worship.
I have always had a passion for a stirring service where there is corporate worship. After 38 years in the P. H. Church, Dora and I felt a calling to move our membership to Piney Forest Baptist Church. Like I have already said, I do not believe in being bound by a denomination because there is only one true God and he is in every heart that accepts and lives according to His Holy Word.
Piney Forest Baptist Church has been good for us and we dearly love to worship with the people there. I feel honored that the church allows me to work with the choir, teach a Sunday School class, serve on the Board of Deacons, and also work on several church committees. God does not show in advance the destination of his call on our lives. Schedules and budgets may have to be adjusted if I obey him. Step by step I must trust God in faith and obey his daily guidance. His rewards are always greater than my costs…
I truly thank God for my own family, my wife Dora, daughters Karen and Kathy, grandchildren Katelyn, Kerri, and Noah, a son in law Wally, all cherished by me as a gift from God..
If you are looking for a people (The Church) that love the Lord, visit with us here at Piney Forest Baptist Church on Piney Forest Road, Andrews, S. C.
Prayerfully, Noot Alford <>

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Jeanette Mixon is our "can do" person.
From church bulletins to church finances and anything in between. Jeanette Mixon is the one who can get it done.
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